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Ro Chess được thành lập vào năm 2002 và đã trải qua 16 years năm hoạt động.

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:: RoChess.NET Hosting - Home ::.

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RoChess.NET Internet Solution Provider

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RoChess Hosting 3318 S. Monroe St. #A Tacoma, Washington 98409 United States +1.2532166229

Nhân viên Ro chess Giải Đáp Các Thắc Mắc Của Chúng Tôi!

  • Các bạn hỗ trợ hoàn phí như thế nào?
    Due to abuse by spammers, we can not guarantee money-back on new clients, unless they are referrals from existing clients or have an existing payment history with us. We hope you understand that. We know it is hard to trust a new relationship, but we've provided reliable hosting for our clients for a long time, and take pride in that. Our cheapest rates are long term based, but we have no problem working on a month-to-month basis, until you are satisfied. However due to the same abuse by spammers, we are now forced to ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months, to avoid the hit-and-run scam setups. However, after that initial term, to establish a mutual trust, we can switch back to a month-to-month basis. Since you plan to setup 2 websites, I can make you a special deal in that instead of paying 2x6months, you would only pay 2x5months and get 6 months of service on both websites.
  • Uptime trung bình của các bạn là bao nhiêu?
    The Windows server has the uptime that matches Microsofts release schedule on updates on 2nd Tuesday of the month. The actual reboots only take a few minutes tops and we schedule those in at after-midnight hours.
  • Thời gian hỗ trợ của các bạn là bao lâu và khung giờ hỗ trợ là lúc nào?
    Our prices are a little bit higher then elsewhere, because we include excellent support. It's more like we charge $2.95/month for the hosting and ask $7/month for the support, to separate us from the plain-hosting companies out there. You can add us on Instant Messaging for quick response and assistance with a lot of issues. We can help you with ASP3, ASP.NET, PHP, MS-SQL and MySQL issues, and anything that takes us a short time is free of charge. Of course that doesn't mean you can fill up your tank of gas by constantly asking for a few dropplets, so there are limits to our "free" service, but even if you require paid services, we are extremely reasonable.
  • Bạn có mã khuyến mãi nào không?
    The only deal we have right now is that if you sign up for 1 year that you only pay for 10 months. However multiple setups are normally cheaper with us, if they both end up on the same server, so that depends on your demands and requirements. We are extremely flexible and willing to work with our clients. So the quote I made in Q1 of paying 2x5months for 2x6months of service would only be for the initial mutual-trust creation, after that we will lower your rates.
  • Bạn có thể cung cấp thêm thông tin về công ty và dịch vụ mà bạn cung cấp không?
    Normally we get new clients via referrals from existing clients, so they have done all the convincing talk for us already. For us it is important to keep clients happy, so we aren't in it to be a big one, but prefer a small more family environment, where we have time for individual contacts with clients.

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